Lake Fort Smith Water Treatment Plant

Lake Fort Smith Water Treatment Plant

Lake Fort Smith Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is a surface water treatment plant located in Mountainburg, Arkansas, and is the primary source of drinking water for Fort Smith customers. One of two drinking water plants owned and operated by the City of Fort Smith, this plant’s water source is the Frog Bayou watershed. Water is stored in the Lake Fort Smith reservoir.

Lake Fort Smith WTP was originally constructed in July of 1935.  After several updates throughout the years, the present facility treats an average of 20.19 million gallons of water per day (maximum demand of 31.9 MGD) through the utilization of mixing, coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and fluoridation.

Due to continued population growth in our area, the City of Fort Smith has begun the construction of a new 48-inch water transmission line that stretches 30+ miles from the Lake Fort Smith WTP to Fort Smith.  The overall project, planned for completion in 2025, will increase the amount of water supplied to all of the region’s water users from 34 MGD to 70 MGD.

Employees: 11

Average Daily Flow: 22.84 MGD

Watershed: Frog Bayou

Max Daily Flow: 25.59 MGD

Source Water: Lake Fort Smith

Permitted Design Flow: 40 MGD