Analytical Laboratory

The Environmental Quality Analytical Laboratory (EQAL) is responsible for producing consistent, high-quality scientific analytical data from samples collected at both drinking water treatment plants, both wastewater treatment plants, permitted industries, and the drinking water distribution system. The unbiased data is used to monitor the treatment of drinking water and wastewater to determine local, state, and federal compliance designed to protect public health and safety and the environment.

Due to the daily operation of EQAL, time and money are saved by having data stored at a central location for use when it’s needed and not requiring samples to be analyzed by a contract laboratory or by having duplicate laboratories at each treatment plant. The treatment process’s safety and quality are increased because less time is spent by operators performing the sample collection and analysis, allowing water quality issues to be addressed and responding to emergencies in a timely manner. All drinking water and wastewater treatment and distribution of drinking water are monitored and, if needed, are brought back into compliance before damage occurs or public health is threatened.