P Street Wastewater Treatment Plant


P Street WWTP History

The P Street Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is an activated sludge (AS) wastewater treatment plant. The AS is an aerobic treatment system that utilizes microorganisms sustained in liquid to remove organic matter from wastewater.

P Street WWTP’s first construction phases began in 1966 with an influent pump station, primary clarifiers, sludge thickeners, and a sludge handling facility. As technology has changed, the plant has been updated several times throughout the years. Today, it is a modern facility implementing pumping, screening, grit removal, aeration, clarification, disinfection, odor control, and sludge handling. It also includes redundant backup power, a laboratory, and maintenance building.

Improvements continue at the P Street WWTP as the City of Fort Smith strives to upgrade its sanitary sewer system for future generations.

Employees: 15

Total Treated Volume: 2526.826 MG

Average Daily Flow: 12.587 MGD

Max Hydraulic Design Flow: 83 MGD

Max Daily Flow: 32.924 MGD

Permitted Design Flow: 12 MGD