Cross-Connection Control Program

A Cross-Connection is any actual or potential connection between the public water system and a source of contamination or pollution. 

The Cross-Connection Control Program aims to protect the public water system from the user’s service connection by eliminating or controlling actual or potential cross-connections.

Standard Installation Requirements

All backflow prevention assemblies must be installed in accordance with Division 8 of the City of Fort Smith’s Cross-Connection Control Program. Below is a quick reference guide for the installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly.

Plans & Standard Installation Notes

Plans for installing backflow prevention assemblies on water service lines are required to be submitted to the Utility Department. Plans must include current standard installation notes. Below are standard installation notes for a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (Domestic, Irrigation, or Irrigation Combined Water Services) and a Detector Double Check Valve Assembly (Fire Protection Water Service only).

Tester Technicians

The City of Fort Smith’s Cross-Connection Control Program requires all Backflow Assembly tests to be performed by a certified Assembly Testing Technician licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health.

As a service to our customers, a list of certified testers active in the local area is provided through the link below.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Reports

The water customer shall require the certified assembly testing technician to provide a copy of the certified test and inspection, on an approved form, to the approving authority. Test results shall be documented on the City of Fort Smith Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report and a copy sent to the approving authority by means of electronic mail, fax, or U.S. mail. A copy of the required Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report is provided below.

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