Massard Wastewater Treatment Plant


Massard WWTP History

The Massard Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was constructed in 1966 as a trickling filter (TF) wastewater treatment plant. The TF is an aerobic treatment system that utilizes microorganisms attached to a medium to remove organic matter from wastewater.

The original WWTP consisted of an influent pump station, two primary clarifiers, two trickling filters, two secondary clarifiers, and chlorine disinfection. Discharge flowed into Massard Creek.

In the following years, the operations building, two additional secondary clarifiers, biosolids handling building, rudimentary odor control, grit removal chamber, a post solids contact aeration basin, blower building, and UV Control building were added. Discharge moved to the Arkansas River in 1986.

Massard WWTP continues to serve Fort Smith residents, treating an average daily flow of over 9 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD).

Employees: 14

Total Treated Volume: 3483.89 MG

Average Daily Flow: 9.6224 MGD

Max Hydraulic Design Flow: 20 MGD

Max Daily Flow: 19.95 MGD

Permitted Design Flow: 10 MGD