Frog Bayou Watershed


EPA Region 6 Technical Assistance Branch announced the Upper Frog Bayou Watershed Management Plan had been accepted. This Watershed Management Plan (WMP) has been developed based primarily on evaluation/analysis of existing watershed monitoring data collected by the Fort Smith Utility (FSU) over the past several years then integrated with the existing water resource management documents and new data collected during this project to form a comprehensive WMP. The WMP includes identification of critical sub-watersheds at a small scale (~12 digit HUC) and ranked implementation measures to reduce non-point source pollution loading from critical areas. The implementation measures recommended will be focused on the critical upper sub-watersheds, which drain into Lake Fort Smith. These sub-watersheds have the greatest influence on lake water quality. This WMP will be used to direct watershed protection activities and watershed restoration activities in the upper watershed, with the ultimate goal being the immediate reduction of pollutant loading and protection of the watershed into the future.