Water Treatment


Water Treatment Plants for Fort Smith


Monitoring by Dedicated Operators


Days of Outstanding Water Directly from the Tap

Water Treatment Plants

  • Lake Fort Smith WTP
  • Lee Creek WTP


Your water is monitored continuously throughout the treatment process. Automated monitoring performs 96 checks every 24 hours. Samples are tested every four hours for clarity, acidity, and chemical levels. Multiple tests are also performed throughout the distribution system.

On-Site Labs

With state-authorized labs on-site, we don’t have to wait for test results. We can determine what changes are needed and address them immediately.



Multiple warning systems notify our operators of any changes to the water supply. These alarms alert staff long before water conditions drop below compliance standards.



Water conditions are permanently recorded every 15 minutes on a computer system that cannot be accessed or tampered with. Reports are sent to the state every month.


Maintenance & Security

Maintenance and security checks occur multiple times daily to ensure equipment is safe and operating efficiently. Calibrations and repairs are completed in-house by Utility Maintenance staff.