Wastewater Treatment



Wastewater Treatment Plants for Fort Smith


Billion Gallons of Wastewater Treated per Year


Miles of Wastewater Collection Lines

Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Massard WWTP
  • P Street WWTP


Samples are collected throughout the day, every day, for compliance with the City’s two National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. The samples are analyzed at the City’s certified laboratory.

Treatment Technique

The City’s existing treatment plants use different treatment techniques.  Massard WWTP uses the trickling filter process, while P Street WWTP uses the activated sludge process.  Both plants treat the wastewater to meet the same NPDES permit limits before the treated water is discharged into the Arkansas River.


Back-up Power

Both treatment plants and all 24 wastewater pump stations have alternate power sources to reduce the chance of losing treatment or conveyance in the event of a storm or power outage.



Treatment plants and wastewater pump stations use a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) fiber ring network for real-time monitoring of instrumentation and equipment. The SCADA also allows for graphical trends of the plant operations so operators can make corrections before a problem occurs.


55.5 million gallons (MG) of holding storage is available for wet weather events to ensure that our wastewater plants are not overloaded with excess water.