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Monthly Water & Sewer Bill Charges

The water and sewer portion of your City utility bill includes the following:

1. Base Fee for Water Meters
2. Monthly Volume of Water Used*
1. Base Sewer Charge
2. Monthly Volume of Sewer Discharge*

Bill Adjustment Request Forms

Water utilities bill adjustments may be granted under certain circumstances. View the guidelines and download forms by clicking the buttons below.

Water Rate Calculations

Volume Charge | 1 CCF = 748 gallons.

Water volume charges are determined by the centum cubic feet (CCF) used monthly.


Usage: 1-5 CCF

Cost: $2.28 per CCF

Usage: 6-15 CCF*

Cost: $2.96 per CCF

Usage: 16 CCF and Above†

Cost: $3.35 per CCF


Annual Volume 500,000+ CCF

Cost: $2.33 per CCF

Annual Volume ≤ 500,000 CCF

Cost: $2.51 per CCF




Cost: $3.35 per CCF


Cost: $2.40 per CCF

*Only the volume above 5 CCF will be billed at this rate. (If 6 CCF used, 5 CCF billed at $2.28, and 1 CCF billed at $2.96.)
†Only the volume above 15 CCF will be billed at this rate. (If 16 CCF used, 5 CCF billed at $2.28, and 10 CCF billed at $2.96, and 1 CCF billed at $3.35.)

Base Fee for Water Meters

Most residents have a 5/8″ or 3/4″ meter.

Size: 5/8" or 3/4"

Cost: $4.97

Size: 1 inch

Cost: $9.98

Size: 1 1/4 inch

Cost: $11.78

Size: 1 1/2 inch

Cost: $21.24

Size: 2 inches

Cost: $30.69

Size: 3 inches

Cost: $92.72

Size: 4 inches

Cost: $151.77

Size: 6 inches

Cost: $219.82

Size: 8 inches

Cost: $338.45

Size: 10 inches

Cost: $449.30

Sewer Rate Calculations

Winter Averaging

Most of the water used during the winter months (November to March) occurs indoors, and the wastewater goes directly into the sewer. Water use is much higher in the summer months (April to October) due to outdoor activities. Most water used outdoors does not go directly into the sewer. To give customers a break during high usage months, sewer bills are based on an average of your prior winter usage or actual current usage, whichever is lower.

Sewer Base Charge

Cost: $4.50
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Sewer Volume Charge

$8.45 per CCF
Residential, Commerical, and Industrial

Solid Waste Rates

Solid Waste (Sanitation) fees are included in your utility bill. For more information about the City of Fort Smith Solid Waste Services Department, including rates and pick-up schedules, visit their website by clicking the link below.

Residential Services

One (1) refuse and one (1) recycling container included
$14.59 per month plus sales tax